Hello minecrafters.

If you download these worlds you agree not to use them as the worlds for your own servers.
These are for memorial and archival purposes for those that actually played on the Baubleverse server.
Please do not re-upload these maps elsewhere for strangers/anyone to use. This is for you guys, not the world.

I want to thank all of you that played on this server for the past year. We started out as a really tiny realm with just a half a dozen people and grew into a community of over 50 people that played somewhat actively on-and-off for that year. That's really insane to me! I never thought the realm would last a month let alone a year of people being friends with each other. I'm really sad to be removing the server, and I am sorry if this causes any dissapointment. I don't have the means to keep the server going (and it's not solely about the money). This is a strictly personal matter that unfortunately impacts something you all enjoy. Please believe me when I say it has nothing to do with how much people log on or log off. It's always been a pretty all over the place server in terms of activity. Some weeks we'd have 10+ people online at all times, other weeks nobody logs on at all. I've never cared about that so please don't think that about me. ;_;

I appreciate you all so much. I hope everyone has nothing but fond memories of the Baubleverse community! I was a lousy admin, but I think we all got along and had little to no drama for this year which is pretty amazing. We all came together from 7 continents (seriously, wow) to play a game about blocks. Have fun out there! I hope you guys can find a new server to call home. I wish everyone luck with school, work, family, and friends. You are all amazing people and I'm really happy I got the chance to meet everyone.

They are very big. 5GB each when zipped, unzipping they are ~20GB or so each.